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“We know that the best trips are often inspired and guided by people like you who have been there before. Winners of Trending and Emerging Destinations are based on the increased response and interest from travelers on Tripadvisor and are therefore a source of inspiration and planning that is good. wonderful to find a new place, Neela Pal. Vice President, the brand ambassador of Tripadvisor

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In the period from January to February 2020, Bali recorded that it received 901,670 foreign tourists or tourists from various countries in the world. people, and from January to February 2019, there were 921,839 tourist arrivals. This indicates that Bali is still the best for local and foreign tourists, If we analyze it well, we say, the decline is not very large, in the sense that it is still normative. In this case we only refer to foreign tourists, for domestic tourists themselves the number is not too big. different, with the existence of these analyzes we together with colleagues who were previously members of the Driver association, have the courage to establish a vehicle rental service company in Bali, of course we in building a company do not only have courage alone, we are with colleagues has more than 15 years of experience in the world of tours and travel, with the support of the association and all fellow guides, partners, drivers and clients who always support and provide support directions so that we can be independent, in the end we are here to establish a service company transportation.


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Our clients with the second party:

  1. Balistage
  2. Jayride
  3. Intui
  4. Jamtransfer
  5. Heycar
  6. Mozio
  7. Talixo